How to Use Gambling with Community Fundraising

Setting up gambling events for the purpose of fundraising is a great way to give back to the community and has become a popular fundraising method throughout the UK.

Visiting online casinos such as Griffon Casino can provide you with an example of how gambling can be used for fundraising and how games are a popular way of having a fun gambling experience.

This article provides information on how non-profit organisations and community action groups can use gambling as a means of fundraising and how to do it. There are many things to know before setting up a raffle or online lottery for the purpose of raising funds. Read this article for information on the laws and requirements needed for setting up raffles or lottery campaigns.

Lotteries, fundraising, and raffles are all forms of gambling which causes many rules and laws to be followed. The laws and rules differ for each type of initiative and need to be followed in accordance with the specific requirements.

Before setting up any of these methods it’s important to do research and see if your fundraising activity would be classed as a lottery in the UK.

Lotteries can not be run without a valid licence. These include lotteries on social media, auctions, fundraising platforms, and live streaming charity events. Before setting up an online lottery, you should be aware that a Gambling Commission Licence will be needed to run the event legally.

By visiting the Gambling Commission website in the UK, you can learn more about how to attain the Gambling Commission license.

Small lotteries for charity can be run if it is not for commercial purposes. Although a license is not needed for this, the lottery needs to be registered with the local authorities. Proceeds must be below £20 000 for a single draw or less than £250 000 per year.