Non-Profit Community Development Organisations in Berkshire

Non-Profit community development organisations play an important role in building healthy communities and provide critical services that help strengthen them in different ways. This article looks at some of the most important non-profit community development organisations in Berkshire UK.

Community Council for Berkshire

Community Council for Berkshire believes in helping Berkshire Communities thrive. They are an independent charity that has over 45 years of experience in community development services. The organisation was founded in 1973 as a rural community council.

They develop partnerships to create positive communications and build engagement and deliver sustainable communities with a knowledgeable team in finding solutions.

Reading Voluntary Action

The Reading Voluntary Action organisation aims to promote and support individual groups making up the local voluntary and community services sector. They strive to connect communities in the area and to improve the lives of the youth and families.

They exist to care for and support the voluntary sector in growing and thriving to serve the community.

Berkshire Community Foundation

The Berkshire Community Foundation believes in connecting people who care with causes that will change the community for the better. They encourage individuals, businesses, and local organisations to think for the community.

The foundation works with businesses to achieve their aims for positively engaging with the community, this is known as Corporate Social Responsibility.

Education Development Trust

The Education Development Trust believes in transforming lives through education. The trust collaborates with national and local governments, schools, and other partners from around the world to deliver sustainable solutions to improving education.

The trust believes in its values of excellence, integrity, accountability, and collaboration and that it shows in its work to the community.

Involve Community Services

Involve works hard to support the local charity sector in Berkshire. They present various support services to local voluntary community organisations and groups. They help with starting up by offering proper guidance as well as legal obligations.

They also provide ongoing advice towards these community groups and volunteers, funding services, training courses, and volunteer recruitment.

These organisations are vital for the communities to thrive and become stronger.