Overview of Working for Non-Profit Community Development Organisations

Working in the community development services industry can be rewarding to communities in need while creating a lucrative career. As some communities throughout the UK are living in poverty due to various challenging situations, community workers can assist in creating a stronger and more prosperous life for those in need.

Becoming a community worker can be achieved by attending courses or studying at universities.

Although volunteering is also an option for being able to assist those in need, it would not be a career choice as volunteers do not get paid for services. Volunteering has a vital role in helping the community where knowledge about the laws and rules are not needed.

Studying for community work at university, college, or as an apprenticeship can create lucrative careers while helping communities in need. University and college courses are available throughout Berkshire and the rest of the UK. Apprentices can provide the necessary knowledge and skills to become a community worker through practice.

Community work is open to all graduates of the university but could also be beneficial to have a degree or foundation degree in some fields. These beneficial fields include community development, community studies, youth work, and social sciences. Most of these courses can provide work placements for building experience in the field.


The requirements needed for becoming a community worker includes at least a 1A Level for a foundation degree, or a level 2 or 3A for a degree.

By becoming a community worker, you would have a variety of tasks including community knowledge, making sure community action is in place, and developing new opportunities for the community. Recruiting staff and volunteers and managing budgets are also tasks involved.