Why is Community Development Important?

Community development is seen as a way in which people gather to take action on what is important to the community. These services are provided by non-profit community development organisations and community action groups.

Without community development and its organisations, communities will not be able to face certain challenges and grow to become more self-efficient and stronger. Many communities in the UK are living in poverty due to a variety of issues.

Berkshire in the UK is known to be facing a challenge with children living in poverty in the streets. Many organisations and groups have a focus on providing these communities with the necessary services to grow their experience and knowledge and become stronger.

Community development recognises the fact that some communities are excluded and oppressed by the way society is organised. It seeks to challenge the laws and rules of society and government to ensure fairness for all citizens in Berkshire.

The most important part of community organisations is that they support communities to use their assets and abilities to improve the quality of their lives with assistance in funding and setting awareness. They help communities and public agencies to come together and improve services and how decisions are made to strengthen the communities in poverty.

In Berkshire, many organisations and action groups are aiming to supply services to the unprivileged communities to create a more substantial and rewarding life for them. Their services are based on the values of human rights, social justice, equality, and respect for all diversities in the community.

Without community development organisations and action groups, communities will have less chance of prospering and growing stronger out of their challenges.