Following any of these podcasts can help to stay informed about community development and its role in the UK. These podcasts aim to inform listeners on the most recent happenings in community development with interviews joined by industry leaders in community development.

Following podcasts is a great way to learn more about community development by means of discussions and conversations between industry leaders.

The Power of Community – Dimitrios Papalexis

The Power of Community podcast is catered to those who are passionate about community development stories about social impact. The host of the podcast is known as Dimitrios Papalexis, and he presents amazing youth and community development services and interviews with organisations and individuals taking part in community development.

Masters of Community – David Spinks

Masters of Community is a podcast that believes the community is more important than ever. The show has conversations with the top community leaders and experts on an international level. The podcast provides some of their stories, advice, and insights to take community strategy to the next level.

The Community Corner – Beth McIntyre

The Community Corner is presented by Beth Macintyre and incorporates some interesting topics about community development from around the world. The episodes are set at 15 minutes long and incorporate stories from some of the leaders in community development and their strategies.

Community Wise – LISC Staff

The Community Wise Podcast is a regular conversation between staff at LISC and practitioners from across the world aiming to work on community development and improve the lives of communities with challenges. Some of the topics discussed with community development leaders include community development, social enterprise, and social justice.

Building this Community

Building This Community is a podcast about the city, business, and policy development in communities. The discussions are done with a variety of guests and touch on topics about some of the most pressing issues in city development and why it should be accessible for everyone.