Write for Us

As a magazine about community development, its organisations, action groups, and the events and activities throughout Berkshire, we are always looking for new writers to join our team in writing informative and knowledgeable articles.

As many of our readers are professionals in the field of community development, the applicant would need to have substantial knowledge on various topics involved with communities and community development in Berkshire. Some of the topics which need to be covered include information on action groups and non-profit organisations assisting Berkshire Communities.

For us to consider the applicant to become a writer, they would need to have above average skills in the English language including grammar, punctuation, and spelling. The writer will need to be able to come up with interesting and meaningful topics involving community development in Berkshire.

Contact us on our contact page for more information on how to become a writer for Twyford Village Partnership Magazine. We might require the applicant to submit previous work efforts on community development for us to review.

Community development and its organisations involved play a vital role in creating a more substantial and stronger community and needs to be addressed in accordance.

Contact Twyford Village Partnership for more information on how to become a writer for the magazine and what the requirements are.